Leading Legacies

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With Much Gratitude and Thanks

Leading Legacies would like to thank the following for the support and generosity they have shown:

Our Board Members, who have contributed time, money, and supplies to keep the program afloat.  Without your hard work, we could not keep going.

The Dr. Suess Foundation, whose continued support and belief in our program has sustained us and allowed us to grow and progress.

The San Diego Foundation, whose generous support came when we needed it most.

The Donegan Burns Foundation, whose support allowed us to offer a new program, Fast ForWord, to help our students with dyslexia and other reading/learning difficulties.

SDCOL, the San Diego Council on Literacy, with whose help we were able to provide some much needed technology to help our children succeed.

San Diego Gas and Electric, whose timely donations help us give our children a beautiful holiday celebration.

Individuals who contributed time, money, and hard work include:  Ambyr Leidig, Angela Leidig, Tony and Susan Romero, Char Roberts, Debbie Strukelj, Liz Verastigue, Cassandra Martin, Brittany Robinson, and Wayman Yeldell.  To you and to everyone else who holds us up when we need an arm to lean on, THANK YOU!  We are truly grateful!